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Nature means change, and finding balance & well being within this change


Yoga is all about achieving inner balance and well being, but we have to achieve balance with our environment as well, we have to work with nature, not against it.

To mark International Women’s Day 2020, ASICS has teamed up with us to launch a yoga capsule collection made for women, by women. Created for yogi women to achieve inner balance, and balance with nature, the collection consists of 7 eco friendly fitness essentials that will live and change with the wearer as her own body and strength change with her yoga practice. 

Premium fabrics designed to follow your movement

The colors come from natural dyes of botanical origin, from sources that are readily available, replenishable: we do not use threatened or endangered ingredients. The dye process is non-toxic and uses a reduced amount of water. The colours are purified, dried and always sourced from non-endangered and replenishable ingredients ensuring that the brand continues to remain ethical at every step of the process. Mordants and auxiliary ingredients are non-toxic and include alum, soda ash and chalk.


Origin is Indian madder root, one of the oldest red dyes known to mankind. 


The dye is extracted using water, then purified, dried and powdered.  We use the powder form for dyeing the fabric.  


Origin is Mediterranean oak galls - Greece and Cyprus. 

We also use a food grade iron powder to darken the color. 


Another dye in this mix is pomegranate.  The skin is used (which would normally be a waste product) and makes a green-gray in this formula. 

All of these colors are extracted with water, purified and dried.