Bluesign® certifies a production that does not use any toxic or carcinogenic substance. It forces brands to be limited in energy and water and requires them to develop a sustainability plan to limit the amount of water and energy needed for production and to ensure responsible waste treatment. It also imposes constraints on air quality and CO2 emissions.


Based on the conventions of the international labour organization, bluesign® imposes criteria concerning working conditions. It prohibits forced labour or child labour, discrimination and abuse. It also promotes freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining and ensures work in a clean and secure environment, ensuring respect for decent working time and equal treatment.

Many of our fabrics have been awarded the bluesign® certification, including our PYRATEX® power and PYRATEX® core families and several of our PYRATEX® cosmetic and PYRATEX® bio fabrics. 

You can learn more about bluesign® here.