Discover our PYRATEX® upcycled range

Our PYRATEX® upcycled fabrics are made from upcycled cotton originating from industrial cotton waste. It is recycled through a mechanical process, instead of a chemical process. This makes it more environmentally friendly and the fibre remains as cotton.


Cotton is such a versatile fibre and has been used for millennia, from around 6000 B.C in Latin America. The fibre is almost pure cellulose and when spun into a yarn it is known for its versatility, natural comfort and strength. Below we have compiled the strangest facts about this multi-purpose plant.

  • The word cotton originates from the Arabic word ‘kutun’ or ‘qutun’ which is used to refer to fine fabrics

  • Original cotton crops came in many different colours, for example, red, blue, pink and brown. However, the length of their fibres were too short for industrial level production, hence the use of the white cotton plant

  • Cotton is extremely absorbent. In fact, it can absorb 30x times its weight in water. It also gets stronger when wet, which is why it can be used in wipes and the medical field

  • This is also why currency, such as the American dollar bill, is made with 75% cotton. Not with actual paper as many people think.

  • Every piece of the cotton plant can be used. For example, cotton seed extract is used in soap and human foods

  • Cotton is a hypoallergenic fibre as it doesn’t trigger allergies and is a great conductor of heat; it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer

  • India produces the most amount of cotton- 6.4 million metric tonnes, followed by China (5.9) and then the USA (4.3)


Cotton is such a versatile and multi-tasking fabric; it is no wonder it has been around for 7000 years!