Under and over the ground, in our oceans, in our bodies. Virgin plastics are everywhere.


In 2019, 368 million tonnes of newly made plastics were produced. Last month, the scientific community made a call for a global treaty to end virgin plastic production by 2040. According to Science journal, the plastic pollution problem is not an ocean-only issue anymore: plastics are found in terrestrial environments and even inside the human body.

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The largest proportion of plastic waste comes from packaging materials (47%), while textiles are responsible for 14%. Each year about 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. Yet plastic production has continued to increase.


So what is the answer? Science journal calls for:


  • A binding global treaty to phase out the production of newly made or virgin plastic by 2040. 

  • A circular economy for plastic, incentivising reuse and refill, and the elimination of substantial volumes of plastic pollution.

  • A world wide clean-up of plastic waste.


Virgin plastics are the problem, and PYRATEX® is the solution. We believe that responsible textile formulas are the answer for our future, and this is what drives us to develop our functional fabrics, which only contain natural or recycled fibers.

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