Responsible gifting ideas

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, we will spend hours planning our presents for the ones that we love. 


Despite of its many good aspects, Christmas is very unsustainable due to the excessive consumption and the enormous amount of waste it generates. Here we have rounded up some last-minute gifting ideas that are thoughtful and don't cost the earth or your bank balance.

  • Grab an old glass jar and layer the ingredients for your favourite cookies or baked treat. Write a little instruction tag and decorate with ribbons and festive bows.

  • We are all going to be indoors a lot more for the foreseeable future so… create care vouchers for your significant other or roommates which they can hand in for you to complete cute tasks, such as running a bath or cooking dinner.

  • Get crafty in the kitchen and create homemade beauty products- for example, a body scrub made with coconut oil, leftover coffee grounds and your favourite essential oil or a handmade hair mask with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Kind for your body and the planet. 

  • Get baking! Make your friends their favourite sweet treats such as brownies, flapjacks or cookies. Re-purpose a vintage silk scarf to wrap them in that the recipient can re-use as a hair accessory or necktie. 

  • You could also think about doing a secret Santa or doing an activity/experience (going to a museum/ice-skating) with friends to reduce consumption and waste this festive period.