Finding out the truth about clothing

Due to the unprecedented times we are all living through, the idea of consumption and sustainability has come to the forefront of the planet’s collective consciousness.

Even before COVID-19, brands and consumers were becoming more aware of the impact fashion was having on the planet. It is not a ‘trend’ that seems to be going anywhere fast.


However, it’s not always easy to find out how truthful brands are being about their true impact and traceability. So… we have rounded up the best resources to help you decipher this complex road map that is sustainability. 


The first is a website and app called Good on You who rate brands on a scale of ‘we avoid’ to ‘great’. They look at different aspects of a companies such as labour conditions, animal welfare and environmental impact to give a 360 perspective on a brand’s overall practices. 


Next, we have Fashion Revolution. They are an organisation that describe themselves as a global movement for well-rounded change in the fashion industry. They have a manifesto, events and tools to help people who are interested in changing not only their own habits, but also inspiring change on a more largescale level. 


This is similar to the work that the Clean Clothes Campaign are doing. They are fighting to improve working conditions in the textile industry and have resources and educational material on their website.


Finally, we have the website The Good Trade. They have content related not only to fashion, but all aspects on how to live a more sustainable life. Their fashion section is full of handy guides of were to buy more eco-friendly alternatives, as well as ethical jewellery brands and reducing your clothes consumption.


We hope this guide helps you and if you want more, head over to our Instagram for more content on sustainability and all things fabric related!