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The first 100% cellulosic mono-material with moisture- management properties

A collaboration with Lenzing, Flocus, Marchi&Fildi and Studio MLR, PYRATEX® tropic I is a double face knit that can be easily recycled into reusable wood pulp to reach circular economy. It is made from Kapok, a tree which grows naturally in tropical forests without any chemicals or pesticides. The modal fiber in the fabric comes from sustainable managed woods, certified by FSC and PEFC.

Classified as a moisture management fabric, with the same values as conventional polyester/cellulosic blends, the fabric has been submitted to the Danish Design Awards, with the selection currently ongoing.

Kapok fiber, supplied by FLOCUS®:

The kapok tree provides a non-food fruit pod filled with fibers extraordinary hollow fibre, meaning isolating, and the fibre has a wax film, making it hydrophobic.

The fibers are taken from the collected pods and machine cleaned. The tree remains untouched and continues to regenerate the eco-system.

Properties of the fiber:

• Silky soft touch

• Oil absorbent

• Hypoallergenic

• Insulating

• Quick dry
• Antibacterial and anti moth
• Lightweight : It is 5 times lighter than cotton

Environmentally friendly:

• Reduction of pesticides/fertilisers: Fiber is organic by default
• Water consumption reduction: Irrigation is water free
• Low energy requirement: Reduction of CO2 emissions
• Creation of fair jobs and no child labour: Better living conditions

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bio-based fiber

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