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Sustainability starts with data. 

We have joined forces with BCOME: we will now be able to offer our clients a responsibility report with their PYRATEX® fabrics.

Including our R&D collaborations!

Finding out the truth about clothing


We brought to you a list of useful sources to help trace the origin of your clothes and discover the ethics of the companies producing them.

Discover our PYRATEX® upcycled range


This month at PYRATEX® we will be bringing you content related to our PYRATEX® upcycled range, which has just been extended and is made from upcycled cotton. 

Responsible gifting ideas


Here are some ideas to help you prepare your gifts for this Christmas season on a budget and while remaining responsible with the environment.

History of knitted fabrics


Knitting is a craft that goes back centuries- discover how it spread across

the world and revolutionized how we consume clothes today.

Benefits of natural fabrics


Your skin is your bodies largest organ- how can we protect this with the fabrics that we put next to it? 

Benefits of seaweed


Seaweed has increasingly come under the spotlight for its health properties but there’s still so much more to know about it and the endless benefits it has to offer.

On this week’s post we listed six reasons seaweed is key for the future of the planet.

What makes our PYRATEX® cosmetic so special?


This week at PYRATEX® we are focusing on and bringing you dedicated content on our most popular fabric range, PYRATEX® cosmetic.

Plastic in the ocean


Plastic ending up in the ocean has become a serious problem, with 8 million metric tonnes of plastic on average entering the oceans each year.


Even though this pollution is estimated to grow, we discuss some creative solutions...

Natural fibers vs. Synthetic fibers


Do you know the difference between natural and synthetic fibers? You must have already heard that natural fibers are better for the environment and your skin, but do you know why? 

How has coronavirus affected the fashion industry in 2020?


The fashion industry has been one of the most affected during this pandemic. 

It has had a huge negative impact in the economy, however, it also brought positive changes and different points of view when it comes to textile consumption and production....